Below are a selection of worksheets that can be used to develop an understanding of some of the fundamental concepts in mathematics:

01 Proving the Quadratic Formula

02 Proving Log Rules

03 Arithmetic Series and the Story of Gauss

04 Self-Similarity and Geometric Series

05 Linking the Binomial Expansion and Counting Principles

06 Double Angle Cosine Formula

07 Cosine Rule

08 Deriving the Scalar Product

09 Differentiating Polynomials

10 Small Angle Approximations

11 Differentiating Trigonometric Functions

12 Differentiating Logarithmic Functions Graphically

13 Integration from First Principles

14 Fundamental Theorem of Calculus

15 Product Rule

16 Quotient Rule

17 Volumes of Revolution

18 Expectation of the Binomial Distribution